this is ridiculous.

Justincase you're an LJ nazi, I am over eighteen and allowed to look at any smut I please in any country (as far as I know...). So, you know. Back the fuck off.

Wait. Am I going to get in trouble for cursing?

And, incase you're *not* an LJ nazi, other things. Like, if you are a person I really know who read this journal once upon a time to keep abreast of events in my life (or, you know, random incoherent thoughts in my head), don't expect much. Sorry, it's just that this journal seems to have evolved toward the new and worthy purpose of allowing me to access fanfic and fanart of the 'I'm Greg House and I'm smitten with Jimmy' or 'Harry and Severus are quite clearly in love, whether they know it or not' varieties.